before and after of new hallway light

Affordable Gold Flush Mount Lights {Under $100}


I’ve been browsing for a new light for the small hallway in our room, and today I’m sharing the light we chose, along with some beautiful options for affordable gold flush-mount lights.

When we first started working on the trim in our master bedroom>, I swore that it was just a “phase one” project and that we’d stop at trim and move on to a different space afterwards. But, once we got it fully finished and lived in it for a few days, we both immediately knew that we couldn’t just move on. There was something so incredibly wonderful about actually focusing on our own room and doing something just for us – we didn’t want to stop!

So, we’ve decided to shift gears just a little bit and keep working in here for a while. We swapped out the rug, we’re adding some curtains, and we’re even going to build some DIY nightstands!

But, before all that happens I had to turn my attention to the little hallway that leads to our bathroom – because with all that gorgeous new trim, the tiny builder-grade light became painfully obvious.

before and after of new hallway light

I spent an entire afternoon last week researching tons of different options, and I figured I should put all of that hard work to good use and share what I found with you!

My original goal was to choose a light under $100, so I kept my search (and these results) to that parameter…you’ll see in a minute that I ended up going a little over budget because I fell in love. But, I honestly think I would have been thrilled with any of these lights in our hallway – you can’t go wrong with a pretty gold flush-mount!

Here are 12 of my favorites from my online searching:

gallery of 12 different gold flush mount lights under $100

Affordable gold flush mount lights {under $100}

  1. Ezra Vintage Bronze Flush Mount> – Home Depot ($42)
  2. Mayfield 11″ Semi-Flush Light> – Wayfair ($40)
  3. Yearwood Semi-Flush Light> – Wayfair ($45.99)
  4. Sculptural Glass Pebble Flushmount> – West Elm ($99)
  5. Aralane 2-Light Flushmount> – Wayfair ($77)
  6. Sculptural Glass Globe Flushmount> – West Elm ($99)
  7. Duncan AB Aged Brass Flushmount Light> – Home Depot ($63)
  8. Valrie Semi-Flush Mount >– Wayfair ($52.99)
  9. Arren Brass Flushmount> – Crate & Barrel ($99.95)
  10. Yearby Semi-Flush Mount> – Wayfair ($64.99)
  11. Sauve Semi-Flush Mount >– Wayfair ($56.99)
  12. Hepburn Flushmount Light> – Wayfair ($79.99)

I’m definitely going to be saving this list for when I start replacing hallway lights elsewhere in the house – we have three (maybe even four?) more of the same light from this hallway throughout the rest of the house, and I think one of these options may be the perfect solution for those.

But for our bedroom?

Well, once I found this light I really just couldn’t think about anything else.

dark bedroom with new hall light

It’s this Sculptural Glass Ribbed Flushmount from West Elm> and it was just one of those finds that stopped me in my tracks as soon as I saw it. I kept looking (hoping to find something cheaper that I loved just as much) but I came back to this one over and over and I just couldn’t let it go. It was on a good sale so I decided to just go for it – after I put all of that time and effort into the trim, it didn’t make sense to settle for anything less than the perfect light for the hallway.

Next up in here, we’ll be talking curtains, nightstands, and adding something on the TV wall to fill it out a bit.

Maybe a bench at the foot of the bed?

Maybe some plants?

I don’t know! I’ll be just as surprised as you!

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